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Liam Scheff’s drawings, digital painting. I’m working my skills back into shape after years of being away from my first loves – drawing, painting, sculpture.  Working on a comic strip (web) and graphic novel (print) in the near future.

This work is copyrighted. If you want to repost it, please write and ask, or at the very least, link back to this site, and help me on my way. Contact me by leaving a message below.


Liam Scheff


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  1. Liam – I believe that your art, some of it, belongs on paintings on a wall. Your “ghoul”, girlfriend series, and bubbles gave me pause. I love the one with the man and the white fireball emanating from his hand in the red background.

    That particular one (the man with the red background, looking like a superhero) as last mentioned above is *outstanding!!!* I can see that as the opening of a comic book on the front page…

    What software do you use? I am an artist and the effects in the art really is amazing.

    I was searching for something to refer people to, because no one believes me when I tell them that Child Protective Services sucks and is evil. Now I can say they (up North) have tortured kids with Nazi tactics and medical experiments. I had nightmares about this crap as a kid from reading all the WWII books, now I find out it’s real in America 😦

    Anyway – keep up the good fight against vaccines and the AIDS crap. My uncles Jay and David died of liver and kidney problems, while with AIDS. I remember the cluster of pills on a small stand in his house, and never will forget how skinny and sick he was – we were there to be there for his death, and sure enough, he died the very next day. I never liked cooked chicken – ever – except when Jay made it that one day, it was heaven on a bone. I never ate enough food EVER, but on that day I ate 8 chicken legs.

    So why is this personal anecdote worth anything?

    I think I now know exactly why my uncles died. It bothered me for *years,* that something just wasn’t right. Could never put my finger on it. Always – that medicine on the stand in kitchen. That image stuck in my head for *years.* It was almost like someone was trying to tell me something. Now I understand. It all clicks together, like a puzzle.

    And this was in the early ’90s.


    I will be referring your site on my FaceBook and my blog.

    Amy Barnes (.info)
    Avon Lady, hoping to finish for my Accounting degree.

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